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Mrs. Venine Roberts

Venine Roberts was born and raised in Baltimore Maryland.  She is the grandaughter of the late Eva & Youman Fullard, who were the iconic owner's of Baltimore's Legendary Yellow Bowl Restaurant.  Venine acquired feminine mannerisms and lady like qualities from spending most of her youth along side her mother and grandmother. Venine learned the art of etiquette and manners by mimicking conversations and imitating delightful exchanges amongst the women in her mother's and grandmother's social circle. She admired how strong they were as female pioneers in the community and decided that she wanted to pursue something similar.  After the passing of her grandmother Eva, Venine felt that something was missing, not only in her life but as a whole.  She recognized that all women wasn't privy to the teachings of manners, etiquette, and class.  Venine also saw the need for effective conflict resolution skills amongst women. Social Grace Society was established in May of 2020, to reintroduce the longstanding art of manners and etiquette in our commnunity.

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Social Grace Society is a genuine camaraderie for ladies. Social Grace was established for the sole purpose of reviving many of the long established teachings of etiquette and manners. This will be accomplished through the rediscovery of self-love, understanding, conflict resolution, mentorship, and the Arts.  Social Grace Society's goal is to acquire the resources and tools necessary, for young teens and ladies to become polished, learn & display optimum manners, etiquette, and posture for today’s society.  This will be achieved via fundraisers, networking events, workshops, and social media awareness campaigns.

Our ladylike passion for empowering women to be at their best  has inspired us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future. With that being said, Social Grace Society Presents...Love Your Lady plant based feminine care. Love Your Lady is an all natural feminine care line made to keep your :Lady” (also known as the vagina) clean, fresh, and ph balanced.  Our mission is to educate women on the importance and benefits of using our all natural products in their feminine care routine. 

We will  educate women on how harmful chemicals, fragrances, and perfumes are when used in, on, or around the vagina.  We will continue to remind women about the importance of self love by maintaining selfcare. 

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